Mark Bodrog : 2016


The tension is there to break me
Wherever I look, I see
Whenever I speak, there is an uncompromised and conceptualized change in the subtle Woah
Taking up the synaptic charges like the starburst of a galactic blink

But all the while, under a guise, marauders are just a breath’s beat away
Their darkness wanders
Their plight suppresses that which is the soul of my ever present thought life
My well being

But all the while, my fragile heart beats, wanting and waiting
Eagerly keeping rhythm
Growing in strength to become a formidable force in the likeness of King David’s mighty men
My Phenom

The silence moves
My self-worth increases with superfluous fulfillment
A glimpse of momentary exuberance

A two-fold folly abruptly interrupted by the ignorance of the haves and have nots
One leading way to the richness that abundantly exceeds expectation
The other to break the synthesis of a logically perfected cycle of cynicism

My heart dissolves
My tensions release
My fears extinguish
My life is renewed

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