Melina Radparvar : 2016


Rushing into the trauma bay
I see him
Pedestrian vs. Truck per my pager
Turned an individual, a vying person in real-time

The bay is suddenly lively
Health professionals running to and fro
Yet he lies unresponsive, motionless
Unprovoked by his surroundings

Technology pieces together his clinical picture
FAST ultrasound with abdominal bleeding
CT Head reading an intracranial bleed
The operating room is our answer, his clinical story revealed

But that is not enough; no, that could not be enough
To where was he walking? Does he have children?
My mind races with questions
Questions about the life he unintentionally paused

Unquenched without answers
I build my own story
I imagine the patient waking up in the morning
Greeting his family, eating breakfast

I watch as he leaves his home
As he runs through his usual plans
Oblivious of the unordinary that is to unfold
Of the operating room that is to become his haven

I watch as he undergoes surgery
As his abdominal bleeding stops
As his intracranial bleeding is deemed inoperable
As his prognosis is rendered poor

His clinical story is clear
His personal story, untold
But all chapters are now transcribed
As both stories ended that night

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